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I love painting animals - especially beloved pets! My goal with these paintings is to capture the unique personality of your fur babies with a focus on their eyes and expression, turning their image into a work of art.


These hand-painted watercolor portraits are painted with many washes and detailed lines done in Winsor & Newton paints, India ink & gauche on 300 gsm professional 100% cotton watercolor paper.


It is way more than a photoshop copy of the photo that pretends to look like watercolor.


My prices reflect the professional materials that go into each painting and the time I devote to each portrait.




  1. Order
    Click the "Add to Cart" button and complete your order.
  2. Confirmation
    Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email confirmation with some instructions on how to upload 1-3 photographs of your pet. 
  3. Questions
    If I have any questions, I’ll reach out to you over email.
  4. Painting
    After I finish the painting, I’ll send you a photo or video just to make sure you like it. However, there is little to no room for “retouching” watercolor, so I do not take requests for changes after I finish the painting. Watercolor and ink are not re-workable like oil paints. Once it’s dry it is done.
  5. Shipping
    I will package your painting with care in plastic, cardboard and bubble wrap to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Note that these paintings do not include frames, just the artwork.




From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my artwork and helping me spend more time doing what I love. It is an honor and a blessing to help you create a beautiful keepsake for your furry family members that will stand the test of time, like any good work of art.


If you have any questions or concerns, please use my contact form and let me know your thoughts.



Frank Cezar





  • High quality photos
    I need high resolution, sharp photos of your pet so I can see the details in the face and eyes
  • Good angle
    A great angle to take your photo is from height of the pet's face. Get down on the ground if necessary and try to get them to look right at the camera.
  • Lighting
    Indoors near a window with daylight hitting their face looks great! Also outdoors without too much direct sunlight looks good.
  • Copyrighted photos
    I retain the copyright of the painting, so if your photo was taken by a professional photographer, they will need to sign a waver of copyright for the painted version of the photograph. It's best to use a photo that you have taken.

Watercolor Dog Portrait

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